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One of the most important steps most buyers take before buying goods and services is researching all they can about them. The point where they start depends on where and what they are willing to buy. Most olden day consumers begin their research in magazines that are geared towards various consumer needs, people close to them, experts they can trust, etc.

But for modern consumers whose shopping needs are fulfilled by the Internet, the Internet is the ultimate source of information for them. Many will spend hours researching product driven websites such as affiliate websites, blogs and press release websites for insights. In addition, consumers also spend a good amount of time checking out reviews that have been left by previous buyers on the e-commerce stores from which they’re buying whatever they’re buying.

Unfortunately, there are a number of agencies that don’t offer enough information before taking the customers’ money. One formidable example is essay writing companies which offer services to students.

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Why students buy essays

Students buy essays from essay writing companies for a long number of reasons. The most common is that they are swamped by activities and the only source of relief is getting someone to write their papers for them. The most effective way students can ensure that they are using the services of the best custom essay writers is if they take some time to study the environment, checking out customer reviews, etc.

Why we review essay writing companies

Our biggest motivation before we got into the custom essay writing company review service was to be the third party that did what many essay writing companies avoided. We believe that privacy is crucial for the consumers, but not at the expense of their experience, or wellbeing. The frustrations they go through when they buy essays that haven’t been done right, or when they encounter essay scams wasn’t appealing to us. Other than protecting the consumers from such providers, this service aims at easing the trouble one has to go through to get what they are looking for.

How it works

We take reviews from customers of essay writing companies on an ongoing basis. We use the ratings to rate and rank some of the best suggestions/recommendations to our users. Our team also goes out of its way to reviews each essay writing company fronted on our website to come up with a list of features consumers can enjoy.